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Sep 19, 2012

Renewables, Efficiency and the Military (Video)


The United States military is one of the largest consumers of energy in the country.

Over the past three decades, Rocky Mountain Institute has helped the military, through research and analysis, take advantage of energy efficiency opportunities and leverage alternatives to fossil fuels.

“The U.S. military—all of the services—are investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies because it’s good for their bottom line,” said Vice Admiral Dennis V. McGinn (Ret). “And their bottom line is mission effectiveness.”

McGinn, now the president of the American Council on Renewable Energy, said there are “inextricable links” between energy, environmental and national security—and that it isn’t a tradeoff between military effectiveness and sustainability. “They go hand-in-hand,” he said.

A recent report by the Association of Climate Change Officers, “Defense, National Security, and Climate Change,” says much the same thing: that, in the military, “energy security and the cost of energy are driving planning towards increased renewable energy and greater energy efficiency.”

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