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Dec 11, 2012

Google Hangout: Driving Transformational Change


48 Hour Challenge to Create a Bright Energy Future

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At RMI, we have a bold vision for the United States’ future, one built on a cleaner, brighter, more prosperous energy future. But we won’t get there with baby steps. We need to boldly move forward with transformational change.

This Google Hangout—coming up on Tuesday, December 11—will give a window into how RMI focuses its efforts for maximum impact, and how our supporters play a key role in making that impact possible.

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We’ll take a look inside a number of RMI initiatives, including—for example—our efforts in the solar sector. Part of RMI’s Reinventing Fire vision includes an electrical system powered primarily by distributed renewable resources, with solar photovoltaics (PV) likely leading the way. It’s an exciting area of opportunity with huge potential, but it’s not without challenges. Solar is frequently too costly, perceived as too risky by investors, and challenges the traditional structure of investor-owned utilities.

RMI is leading the way by bringing together utilities, technology partners, and customers to pioneer novel solar business models. Already there is progress to celebrate, as RMI has shifted the industry away from a focus on the hard costs of the actual solar hardware—which comprise just 20 percent of solar’s total cost—and onto the other 80%—the soft costs associated with permitting, installation labor, and other costs.

There’s more work to be done, however. RMI continues to drive transformational change in this sector, further knocking down cost and risk barriers, and energizing the solar industry and utilities around solutions.

During the Hangout, you’ll hear more about this and other RMI initiatives, such as Project Get Ready, which is literally and figuratively driving change in the transportation sector, reducing carbon emissions and oil dependence through vehicle electrification.

You’ll hear from:

Ben Holland, Program Manager, Project Get Ready
Dan Seif, Senior Consultant (Electricity and Industrial)
Elaine Gallagher Adams, AIA, Senior Consultant (Buildings)
Ryan Matley, Consultant (Electricity)
Lena Hansen, Principal (Electricity)
Ned Harvey, COO and Development Lead

We'll also be taking questions from our audience via Twitter. Send your questions to @RockyMtnInst and use the hashtag #brightenergyfuture.

To watch the discussion live, you can:

1. Bookmark this page. We'll be streaming the conversation here starting at 11:00 MT on Tuesday, December 11.
2. Go to RMI's YouTube page and click on the Feed tab. The video will stream there as well.
3. Go to RMI's Google+ page and watch the event live. (You must be a Google+ member and follow RMI's page on Google+.)  

Prep for the hangout by watching Reinventing Fire: Change Energy Use Forever

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December 11, 2012

Will this be available to watch after the live feed?

December 11, 2012

Where is the discussion that talks about how unsustainable our energy use is, period? For example in India the average monthly use is about 60 KW while in America it approaches 2000KW. So where is the reasonable middle ground and how can we/you market significantly less use here?

December 11, 2012

What can RMI and others learn from best practices (energy efficiency and renewables) from Europe?

December 11, 2012

In Denmark there is now a complete country-wide network of battery change stations. This solves the problem of time-consuming charging of the battery, as you can have it changed by a robot automatically in 5 minutes - like driving into a car-wash, it changes the battery from below the car. The company developing this technology is called 'Better Place', you should look into the technology. Watch this introductory video at http://www.betterplace.com/our-story
This technology is extremely promising, as it incorporates a load-balancing of the grid, charging the batteries when the supply of renewables is high. When you buy the EV, you don't buy the battery, like you don't buy the gasoline when you buy a gasoline car. This lowers the cost of the EV dramatically, as well as solving the issues of range, charge-time and the effective utilization of renewable energy sources.

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