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Oct 17, 2012

eLab: Creating a Resilient Electricity System—Watch the Video of the Google Hangout


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Watch the video below to understand more about eLab and how this diverse group of decision-makers across the U.S. electricity sector are working together to accelerate the transformation to efficiency, renewables, and distributed resources. (Original broadcast was on October 23, 2012)

The most important new source of competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing electricity sector is not technology or market position, it’s the ability of innovators to work efficiently and effectively in complex multi-stakeholder environments.

A multi-year program, eLab will regularly bring together key actors to identify, test, and spread practical innovations to critical institutional, regulatory, business, economic, and technical barriers slowing the transformation of the U.S. electricity system.

During the hangout, we’ll be talking with a few of our eLab participants, including:

  • James Newcomb, program director for RMI’s electricity practice
  • Clay Luthy, global distributed energy resource manager, IBM Global Energy & Utilities
  • Roger Woodworth, vice president and chief strategy officer, Avista Corp.
  • Kumar Dhuvur, managing director, market development and strategy, SunEdison
  • Curtis Seymour, director of government affairs, SunEdison

Join us, and you’ll hear:

  • Why no single actor can solve the electricity system challenges alone, and how eLab is driving change
  • Why eLab is focused on the “distribution edge” of the electricity system
  • How the industry is wrestling with the real costs and values of distributed resources like solar
  • The utility perspective on transforming regulation and new business models

We'll also be taking questions from our audience via Twitter. Send your questions to @RockyMtnInst and use the hashtag #elab.

To watch the discussion live, you can:

1. Bookmark this page. We'll be streaming the conversation here starting at 11:00 MT on October 23.
2. Go to RMI's YouTube page and click on the Feed tab. The video will stream there as well.
3. Go to RMI's Google+ page and watch the event live. (You must be a Google+ member and follow RMI's page on Google+.)

To learn more about eLab watch the video below and explore the highlighted resources. 

Highlighted Resources

eLab Video 2

Video: eLab is Setting the Course for a New Electricity Paradigm 

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Introducing the Electricity Innovation Lab



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October 23, 2012

RTO's and ESP's are recognizing a 'capacity' leak where wholesale participants are buying capacity products to meet tariff obligations and finding that there is excess capacity showing up in real time. Is DG to blame and, if so, how can it be better integrated into reliability planning and system operations?

How to costs, markets, value get recognized and communicated at the distribution edge?

October 27, 2012

Very nice information. I can't imagine where we get our source of electricity from in 2050 without exerting too much carbon emissions that could destroy our planet in no time.


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