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Jul 10, 2014

Spark: Unlock the Full Potential of Human Capital Through Sustainable Buildings


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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Featured Blog Posts

Minnesota’s e21 Initiative Eyes a Sustainable, Carbon-Neutral Energy System for the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Efficiency and Performance Meet in BMW’s i3

The Nation’s Largest University Pursues a Microgrid

Native Energy: Rural Electrification on Tribal Lands


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RMI In The News

If You Had 5 Minutes To Talk Alone With Obama on Energy: Rocky Mountain Institute
Clean Techies

Experts Say Solar Power Could Soon Pose Economic Threat to Electric Utilities
Voice of America News

Research Could Lead to Dramatic Data Farm Energy Savings
R&D Magazine

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Unlock the Full Potential of Human Capital Through Sustainable Buildings

From Google to Apple, committed, innovative, and engaged employees are
at the heart of today's thriving businesses. Cultivating engaged and
productive employees starts with the building in which they work, and
thus deep green sustainable buildings can help unlock the full potential
of your human capital. Read More

RMI Update

Lessons from Australia: Reducing Solar PV Costs Through Installation Labor Efficiency

This report examines solar photovoltaic installation practices in Germany and Australia and details how the U.S. can significantly improve installation efficiency and reduce the soft costs that make up two-thirds of the price for installed PV. Learn More.


Going Big on Solar

RMI Manager Jesse Morris explains how RMI is working to make solar photovoltaic more affordable and less financially risky, and how it is innovating new models for utilities to cost-effectively scale solar across the country. Watch now.

Upcoming Events

Appalachian Energy Summit,
July 28–30, 2014

Chief Scientist and Chairman Emeritus Amory Lovins will be presenting on July 28th at the Appalachian Energy Summit. Learn More



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@juleskortenhors: .@CleanTechies covers RMI's recommended actions for moving the US forward on #energy through collaborative action


@ArneJungjohann: sharp analysis by @AmoryLovins on Fukushima's impact on Japan and Germany


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