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Jun 5, 2014

Spark: Raising an Energy-Aware Generation


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Thursday, June 5, 2014

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Raising an Energy-Aware Generation Through Hands-on Education

You Down With LCOE? Maybe You, But Not Me: Leaving behind the limitations of levelized cost of energy for a better energy metric

Inside the Book Resource Revolution: From patterns of scarcity to patterns of abundance


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RMI In The News

Owners See More Reliability and Less Cost in Microgrids

Are We at the Dawn of the Zero Energy City?
The Motley Fool

The Rise of the Personal Power Plant
IEEE Spectrum

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Creating Climate and Energy Wealth in the Caribbean

Caribbean islands are saddled with extremely high energy costs due to their dependence on expensive imported fossil fuels. They're also highly vulnerable to the impacts of global warming. That's why Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room are working together to chart a pathway to affordable, resilient, clean energy systems built on efficiency and renewables for the region.  Read More

RMI Update


The proposed EPA regulations announced on Monday could accelerate a move to renewable and resilient electricity resources. To help speed this transition, next week RMI is once again convening key leaders from across the electricity sector to innovate new ways to economically deploy clean, distributed resources at scale. Learn More.


Reinventing Fire: Electricity

RMI is working to identify new sources of value in a transformed electricity system. This is exactly what is needed in light of the proposed EPA regulations. Watch now.

Upcoming Events

IEEE 40th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference

Sr. Associate Koben Calhoun will speak on June 12th on "Reducing Solar PV Soft Costs: A Focus on Installation Labor." This event will take place on June 8–13, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. Learn More

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@ResonateWorks : Funny Things That Happen When You Work In A Sustainable Building: ow.ly/xngR6 #greenbuildings

@BIPV1  New LCOE perspective? #solarroof #eternatile reduce before you produce. blog.rmi.org

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