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May 2, 2013

Google Hangout: A New Electricity Future


RMI is working to accelerate the transformation from an aging, centralized electricity system reliant on fossil fuels to one that is efficient and resilient, with renewable resources widely distributed into local communities rather than concentrated in big power plants.

Join us in support of eLab in the next 24 hours. In recognition of your support, Lena Hansen will send you personal quarterly updates via email to share details about eLab's progress. Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear firsthand how you and RMI are helping to drive this transformation in the electricity system.  

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May 8, 2013

Oops, resonant control and harvesting should be in advantages column for this discussion, but in reality needs to be in both because it is both a technical problem, yet a potential solution/advantage.

I love turning problems into solutions,
Just need to think outside the manifold, or redefine it.

May 8, 2013

A critical level playing field needs to be applied to financing renewables.

Arguably with future hindsight of the advantages of the true cost of non sustainable methods should be built into the finance model or the end user cost to pay for true costs.
(how much real costs will be incurred by poisoned water sources from fracking as an example?)
Best estimates of both the interested parties and also by third parties should be decided and revenue set aside and garenteed to be refunded any excess funds with interest accumulated when proven to be cleaner or less damaging than predicted.
Similarly solar claims of payback periods should be compensated for bu those in providing these product.
These would be there property but untouchable until claims are proven.
Allow non profit status and bank the profit delta into trust fund.
profits payed and corporation converted to profit based when claims become true. If not then profits used to compensate customers for non true claims of salesman and companies.
(Need to do this with all to big to fail banks with executive bonuses also)
Snake oil salesman killed this industry once before (along with republican power shift also in the 80's.
They are alive and well now tarnishing and dragging down a perfectly good industry. This leaves the petro players to use us against ourselves with valid criticism.
By putting in safegards that incentivise honest ROI claims with a $carrot-stick we can lower uncertainty and have a level playing field for low interest rate finance options.
I coined the phrase,
1st law of PV that states (1st order apox.) that % efficiency - % interst = % available to pay off principle. (to caclulate ROI)
5% efficiency - 5% interest = infinite payback period

So you can see that interest rate is critical to deploying PV.
This is true because blind money goes to the best ROI without considering anything else.
90% of money is blind.
depressing yet true, so we need to accept this create the mechanisms for it to accelerate PV and other renewables

If all bonuses in the banking industry had a 5 or 10 year holding periods (with interest) before being able to withdraw any $ what do you think would have happened?
Would we have had the financial meltdown or would we have had it self corrected by these individuals out of there own self interest?

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