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Mar 7, 2013

Google Hangout: National Solutions Council Voting


“At Rocky Mountain Institute we are practitioners, not theorists. We do solutions, not problems. We do transformation, not incrementalism.” —Amory Lovins, Co-founder and Chief Scientist

RMI is honored by the support it receives from all of our donors. Some of our donors are also members of the National Solutions Council (NSC), a community of RMI friends who are committed to understanding, supporting, and promoting RMI's work.

Each year, NSC members select an RMI project to support by directing half of their contribution to that project. This year, to help our voters decide, we are having the four project leaders present their work and its potential for impact at a Google Hangout on March 7, 2013 at 11 a.m. MST. David Allen, NSC Chair, will host the online discussion.

During the Hangout, you’ll learn:

Lena HansenFrom Lena Hansen, how eLab is working with key stakeholders to transform the electricity system towards efficiency, renewables, and distributed resources.



Clay StrangerFrom Clay Stranger, about “Reinventing Fire: China,” RMI's international effort (in partnership with three prominent domestic and international energy collaborators soon to be announced) to model the economic, environmental, and social implications of rapidly deploying renewables and energy efficiency technologies in China.


Greg RucksFrom Greg Rucks, how lightweighting vehicles is key to reducing our fossil fuel consumption and why carbon fiber is an ideal candidate to allow transformative reductions in vehicle weight.



Ellen FranconiFrom Ellen Franconi, how RMI's RetroFit Education and Training project educates building industry practitioners to execute deep energy retrofits. The project will develop a compelling training curriculum to move key deep retrofit concepts from idea to implementation. 




If you are an NSC member, it's now time to vote for the 2013 transformational project!

Not an NSC member yet? Tune in to the Hangout to learn about our projects, ask questions, and hear more about the NSC. And, if you are interested in becoming an NSC member, please contact Megan Shean (mshean@rmi.org or 970-927-7210)

Watch and Participate

To watch the discussion live, simply bookmark this page. We'll be streaming the conversation here starting at 11:00 a.m. MST on March 7. We'll be taking questions from our audience via Twitter. Send your questions to @RockyMtnInst and use the hashtag #NSCBallot.

Don’t miss this exciting event!


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March 4, 2013

As a faculty member at the Swiss campus of Pasadena's Art Center College of Design for 6 years, with many designs for the design and construction of the world's first 100% sustainable global infrastructure, I strongly support your efforts, and would like to contribute my projects to them. Please email me at humansolutions@greenmillennium.eu for a summary of the projects, which complement your own!

Thank you very much!

Mr. Kim Gyr
Director, Green Millennium

March 7, 2013

What an impressive group of people addressing important problems. Thanks for making me more aware and committed to what RMI is up to.

As an educator in the building sector I can see the interlocking importance of all these initiatives. Since I'm not yet at the NSC level as a supporter my vote won't count, but I can assure everyone that the need in the Education and Training area is enormous - not just with the practitioners, but also within the university community. As an example, I regularly use the Integrated Design video with my students in both engineering and architecture.

James Mitchell - Director of the Architectural Engineering Program - Drexel University, Philadelphia PA

March 8, 2013

Look at the historical evolution of fuels over the centuries:
WOOD & COAL (Solid multi-carbons) gave way a dozen decades ago to PETROLEUM (Liquid multi-carbons) which are being superseded by METHANE (Gaseous mono-carbon, CH4). So what is the obvious & logical next step in our fueling evolution.....?
The only carbon-less hydrocarbon: HYDROGEN.

This DE-centralized, grid-less & abundant solution is being developed now...

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