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Nov 7, 2013

Spark: In Pursuit of Climate Neutrality At Arizona State University


RMI Spark, the eNewsletter of Rocky Mountain Institute

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

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In Pursuit of Climate Neutrality At Arizona State University

Reinventing Buildings

Higher Education's Energy Lessons

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Minnesota Forum Explores Models For The Utility Of The Future
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Transforming Rooftop Solar From Invisible Threat To Predictable Resource
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RMI's 2013 Year-End Drive Kicks Off Today!

Through the generous support of our donors, for 31 years Rocky Mountain Institute has addressed the most difficult challenges facing humanity, including climate change, resource scarcity, and economic and energy security.

The opportunity to transform our energy reality is not decades in the future; it is here and now. We can’t let political gridlock stop us from solving climate change and building a better world. Together, by leveraging the power of business and the market, we can change how we use and produce energy—forever.

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40 Years Of Fossil Fuel Consequences

Amory Lovins discusses what the oil embargo 40 years ago taught us about our fossil fuel habit, and how RMI has worked for 30+ years to end run institutional gridlock to create a clean, prosperous, and secure energy future. Watch Now

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NARUC Annual Meeting

Lena HansenPrincipal Lena Hansen will participate in the panel "FutureWorld: New Resources and the New Resource Adequacy" on November 19, 2013 in Orlando, FL. Learn More

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@Stphn_Lacey: Solar City's securitization of distributed PV is a huge development for the solar industry: bit.ly/1gnA8b6

@MthsBell: Nice article. Chris Marney on the changing electricity paradigm bit.ly/19pDE6

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