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Jul 1, 2013

Energy News: The Week in Review


Here’s a cross-section of the energy conversations that took center stage last week:

The New York Times (and many others) published President Obama’s 21-page climate action plan, and posted the video of Obama unveiling the plan at a speech at Georgetown University.

Crain’s New York Business reported the Empire State Building’s energy savings from its retrofit—on which RMI co-led energy design—saved $2.4 million off energy bills, earned it LEED Gold certification, and boosted occupancy rates.

CleanTechnica, citing the International Energy Agency, reported power generation from renewable sources globally will exceed natural gas and nuclear by 2016.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported President Obama called for ending U.S. support of foreign coal-fired power plants.

CleanTechnica reported on Volvo’s in-road, wireless EV charger currently being tested in Sweden.

Grist reported the wind industry and conservation groups are teaming up to study data on bird kills at wind power developments.

GreenBiz reported more than 100 U.S.-based ski resorts signed the Climate Declaration calling for a coordinated effort to combat climate change.

The New York Times reported on a bipartisan Senate bill to allow homebuyers to qualify for a larger loan amount when purchasing energy-efficient homes.

Autoblog Green reported the Fiat 500e EV has sold out in California.

Grist reported Los Angeles is launching the nation’s largest solar rooftop program, hoping to generate 150 megawatts of solar electricity.

GreenBiz reported on the Buildings Performance Database, which makes information about performance data on 60,000 residential and commercial buildings free to the public.

Greentech Media reported Washington, D.C., signed its first-ever financing of a property-assessed clean energy (PACE) commercial energy upgrade project.

CleanTechnica reported Drayson Racing beat a 39-year-old record for electric vehicle top speed by passing the 200-mph mark.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to consider reviving an EPA rule curbing emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Autoblog Green reported the Volkswagen Passat TDI reached 77.9 mpg, setting a new Guinness-certified world record for driving through all 48 contiguous states with the lowest fuel consumption in a non-hybrid car. The Passat drove more than 8,000 miles using less than 105 gallons of fuel.

Greentech Media explored rebates and third-party ownership financing of solar hot water systems.

CleanTechnica reported solar leasing company Sunrun received $630 million in financing for more residential solar installations.

Greentech Media, citing an American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy report, described five of the most innovative efficiency programs in the U.S.

Autoblog Green reported North Carolina dropped anti-competitive legislation against electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors.

CleanTechnica shared information on the top U.S. states for solar power per capita and new solar power capacity.

The Guardian, citing a study by carbon trading think tank Sandbag, reported the oversupply of carbon pollution permits in the European Union will cancel out renewable energy gains.

Autoblog Green reported the French rail company SNCF will allow people headed to the south of France to bring along their Nissan LEAFs at no cost.

Grist reported Massachusetts residents may be able to vote next year on becoming the first state to impose a carbon tax.

Greentech Media explored the energy consumption of U.S. home Internet devices.

GreenBiz reported Houston is soon to be the largest municipal buyer of renewable energy in the U.S., purchasing enough wind power to supply half its electricity for the next two years.

CleanTechnica reported Montreal is starting Canada’s first 100 percent all-electric, one-way car sharing program.

Renewables International reported on the world’s largest power-to-gas facility, recently opened in Germany, which makes methane out of excess solar and wind power.

Photo courtesy of jdwfoto / Shutterstock.com


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