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Jun 24, 2013

Energy News: The Week in Review


Here’s a cross-section of the energy conversations that took center stage last week:

CleanTechnica reported worldwide installed wind power will exceed 300 gigawatts of capacity this year.

Grist reported President Obama is unveiling new climate regulations as part of a larger climate strategy next month, postponing a proposed lawsuit against the EPA.

The Guardian, citing a report by the U.K.’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, reported improving the energy efficiency of your home could increase its value by up to 38 percent.

Autoblog Green reported Silex Power claims in 2014 it will have a high-powered electric charger able to recharge a Tesla Model S in four minutes.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported glass manufacturer Corning is investing in View Inc., to help the company develop energy-saving windows for buildings.

CleanTechnica reported the solar powered airplane, the Solar Impulse, landed in Washington, D.C. and received the 2013 Innovators of the Year Award from the Solar Electric Industries Association.

The New York Times shared a video of the debate on nuclear energy between Pandora’s Promise director Robert Stone and Pace University Law Professor Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

CleanTechnica reported on an advanced building control now in development that could slash tens of thousands of dollars off the overall annual energy bill of the average large office building.

Grist reported on a 16-year-old who created a chemical-free way to grow algae and turn it into biofuel, producing as much as 20 percent more oil than current methods.

Autoblog Green reported Ford has used efficiency programs to cut its factory emissions per produced vehicle by 37 percent since 2000.

CleanTechnica reported fifty mayors across the U.S. have committed to creating more prepared communities in the face of climate change through the Resilient Communities for America campaign.

GreenBiz reported on The 3% Solution, a study by the World Wildlife Fund that shows it can be profitable for businesses to reduce carbon emissions.

The New York Times reported how a program at the Bullitt Foundation’s new building in Seattle shows that financing deep retrofits in commercial buildings is financially attractive.

CleanTechnica reported on the ultramodern electric bus service being developed in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

Greentech Media reported technology innovations will bring the production costs of PV modules down to 36 cents per watt by 2017.

Autoblog Green
reported Nissan will offer a new battery replacement program for the LEAF for $100 per month.

CleanTechnica shared a graph depicting that the U.S. (on average) should hit grid parity between 2014 and 2017.

Grist presented a four-minute, action-packed video on how to commute by bicycle in the city.

GreenBiz reported the global market for smart grid technologies will more than double by 2020.

Greentech Media explored how distributed generation is challenging the centralized, utility-scale solar model, causing utilities to reconsider their business models.

The Guardian reported the German government is putting pressure on E.U. member states to weaken auto emissions laws.

CleanTechnica reported Germany has opened a two-megawatt hybrid wind power plant that stores its surplus electricity as hydrogen.

Greentech Media
reported the city of Palo Alto approved 80 megawatts of solar power purchase agreements at 6.9 cents per kilowatt-hour.

CleanTechnica described three key features of Los Angeles’ new CLEAN (feed-in tariff) solar program that distinguish it from other CLEAN programs.

Autoblog Green shared a video of Tesla’s proposed battery-swapping stations, which can swap a battery in their Model S in about ninety seconds.

CleanTechnica, citing the International Energy Agency, reported global carbon emissions reached a new high in 2012, rising to 31.6 billion tonnes.

Renew Economy reported German renewable energy subsidies may be cut after the September elections due to the sector being mature enough to support the cost of grid upgrades.

Renewable Energy World reported Siemens AG will close its solar power division after struggling to find a buyer.

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