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May 9, 2013

Google Hangout: Reinventing Fire China with Amory Lovins


Any solutions for climate and the global energy economy must flow through China. RMI's international partnership "Reinventing Fire: China" will investigate the economic, environmental, and social implications of rapidly deploying renewables and energy efficiency technologies in China. The project's analysis and recommendations will offer an opportunity to influence—at a national level—arguably the most important energy economy in the world alongside that of the U.S. 

Watch Chief Scientist Amory Lovins and Manager of the Office of the Chief Scientist Clay Stranger discuss RMI's project Reinventing Fire: China.

Join us in support of Reinventing Fire: China in the next 24 hours. In recognition of your gift, Clay Stranger will send you personal updates following each of RMI's quarterly trips to China. Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear firsthand how you and RMI are helping to shift the global energy story.

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May 9, 2013

everyone speaks about carbon and "sustainable" energy

i was glad to hear air quality mentioned

i'm also very concerned about water and land quality.

while "clean" energy will eliminate much of the pollution to water and land - what about the mining and manufacturing?

to my knowledge these pollute much water and land

I'd love to hear more.



May 9, 2013

Hwyl Amory! Great to see you on video. Hello Clay.
So what are some of the solutions available to improve air quality in Beijing and other big cities?
What can we the West learn from China to bring in greater use of renewable energy?
And how does this all affect China's input and influence and ability to lead on the UN Climate Change Convention?
Looking forward to hearing more on this over the course of the project.
Keep up the good work.

May 9, 2013

Excellent work! Happy to support. As usual RMI is targeting the heart of the problem and going big. Given the rapid development of renewable energy technology, what assumptions are made in ERI's/RMI's 2050 model about current hurdles such as PV efficiency, storage energy density, use of limited rare earth metals, etc.? What role is China playing in this development (basic and applied research, funding, etc.)?

May 9, 2013

Could you compare and contrast the development of an energy policy in China versus what happens and is happening in the US. There seems like there is an understanding of a need of an imperative to develop a good energy policy for China by the Chinese. Yet on the US side there seems to be little imperative, and little understanding of possible positive outcomes of a sound energy policy, short of better economic outcomes only. Your comment? Can anything spur the US government towards developing a better energy policy than a policy that is largely abrogated to the coal, oil, and power generation industries? Thank you for your thoughts on this. JA

May 16, 2013

Is RMI part of this Chinese sustainable cities curriculum for mayors:

June 24, 2013

I hope that these collaborations with the Chinese are not out of desperation because the US establishment is not listening to Amory and the RMI. I'd hate to see Amory become the Deming of China because the US government and business establishment refuse to heed his message.

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