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Apr 26, 2013

Energy News: The Week in Review (Apr. 15, 2013)


Here’s a cross-section of the energy conversations that took center stage last week:

The New York Times reported that Europe is facing a crisis in energy costs.

The Guardian, citing the International Energy Agency, noted that the development of low-carbon energy is progressing too slowly to limit global warming.

GreentechMedia ran an article by Peter Kind, author of the Edison Electric Institute report on disruptive challenges to the retail electric industry, responding to recent coverage of distributed energy resources and the utility death spiral.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported that Q1 of 2013 was the weakest quarter for clean energy investment since 2009.

AutoblogGreen reported that New York City launched its electric Nissan LEAF taxi pilot.

ClimateProgress reported on “why the global movement toward reducing carbon intensity flat-lined.”

Grist reported that wind power development in Wisconsin is seriously behind, especially compared to other Midwestern states, and not for lack of wind resources.

GreentechMedia, citing the Solar Foundation, reported that California now has more solar workers than actors and that Texas has more solar jobs than ranchers.

AutoblogGreen, citing the SAE World Congress, noted that Lacks Enterprises’ new Evolve Hybrid Wheels promise a highway fuel economy improvement of 1.1 mpg.

The New York Times reported that the U.S. Senate energy committee formally approved the nomination of Ernest Moniz as energy secretary. He now awaits confirmation by the full senate.

ClimateProgress, citing the Solar Electric Power Association, shared the latest stats on utility-based solar installations in the U.S.

Greenbiz reported that PNC Bank opened the first of what may become a series of net zero energy bank branches.

AutoblogGreen, citing the U.S. EPA’s 18th annual U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory, noted that GHG emissions dropped 1.6% in 2011.

GreentechMedia ran a story about fully tapping the potential of combined heat and power for maximizing industrial energy efficiency.

Grist reported that a bipartisan energy efficiency bill—focused on commercial buildings, the manufacturing sector, and the federal government—may have a chance of passing the U.S. Senate.

The Guardian, citing a London School of Economics and Carbon Tracker report, noted that a carbon bubble could plunge the world into a major financial crisis.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance published the 2012 edition of its report “Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race?”

AutoblogGreen reported that Propel Fuels is reinventing gas stations as “clean mobility centers,” offering conventional fuels plus E85, biodiesel, carbon offsets, bicycle tuning, public transit connections, and more.

GreentechMedia reported that Germany may be on the verge of a subsidy for energy storage, covering battery systems connected to solar PV installations.

ClimateProgress similarly reported that New Jersey is interested in boosting funding for energy storage technology.

The New York Times reported that Europe’s carbon market has been floundering.

Grist reported that the Bio Intelligent Quotient House in Germany will grow its own energy, with green slime algae grown in the building’s shell and then harvested to generate biogas.

Renewables International wrote about the Netherlands’ “fully sustainable” energy goals.

AutoblogGreen reported that Protean Electric has announced a production-ready, in-wheel electric-drive system.

GreentechMedia reported that San Antonio’s municipal utility, CPS Energy, may be phasing out net-energy metering in favor a controversial new tariff known as SunCredits.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported that Vestas and GE are neck-and-neck as the world’s top wind turbine manufacturers, while a Chinese utility is now the world’s largest wind asset owner.

Renewables International reported that Denmark, on the way to a planned 100% renewable energy future, has banned oil and natural gas heating systems in new buildings.

Greenbiz ran a Q&A with Harvard professor Rebecca Henderson about what it will take for corporations to help build a better tomorrow.

GreentechMedia reported that wind power is getting its mojo back.

AutoblogGreen, citing TrueCar, noted that—at 23.7 mpg—new light-duty vehicle sales set a third straight month of record-high fleetwide fuel economy.

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