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Jamie Moir
Jamie Moir
Communications Campaign Leader

Jamie Moir is a communications campaign leader at RMI. In this role, Jamie will be the communications lead ensuring RMI's buildings program area achieve its goals. She will help craft and deliver campaigns targeted to decision-makers, leaders in the building space, and donors. She was previously the internet marketing manager responsible for RMI's digital strategy and presence.

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Authored Blog Posts

March 13 Nest Metering Buildings
March 6 Spark: Fort Collins’ Clean Energy Economy Powers Ahead with Jobs, Innovation, and Savings General
February 27 Spark: Will The Electricity Grid Become Optional? General
February 13 Spark: Let's Celebrate, Not Lament, Renewables' Disruption Of Electric Utilities General
February 6 Spark: Helping Islands Create Climate Wealth For All General
January 30 Spark: Fixing The Broken Compass: Finding Our Way To Natural Capitalism General
January 23 Spark: What Fresh Produce Can Teach Us About The De-commoditization Of Kilowatts? General
January 9 Spark: A Multi-Prong Approach To Building Efficiency General
December 19 Spark: Can The Cost Of Solar In The U.S. Compete With Germany? General
December 5 Spark: Let There Be Light - Lighting Big Box Stores Naturally General
November 21 Spark: The Road To Solar's Future General
October 31 Spark: Sandy One Year Later: The Path Ahead for the Northeast’s Electricity Grid General
October 24 Spark: What Did The 1973 Oil Embargo Teach Us? General
October 17 Spark: 40 Years After the Oil Embargo: Enough Already General
October 10 Spark: The Micro(grid) Solution To The Macro Challenge Of Climate Change General
October 3 Spark: IPCC Report Makes Clear Time For Climate Action Is Now General
September 26 Spark: Solar Value: What's It All About? General
September 19 Spark: America's Power Plan: The Crucial Role of Distributed Resources General
September 12 Spark: A High Renewables Tomorrow, Today General
September 5 Spark: Shifting the Auto Industry Through Composites General
August 29 Spark: Want Solar On My Roof? Go Ahead And Pay Me For It! General
August 22 Spark: Reinventing Fire: China Gains Support General
August 15 Spark: The Future of Mobility General
August 8 Spark: Amory Lovins Debunks the Renewables "Disinformation Campaign" General
August 1 Spark: Data Centers And Renewables: Two Peas in a POD General
July 25 Spark: Accurately Valuing Solar PV General
July 18 Spark: Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse: Are Microgrids Our Only Chance? General
July 11 Spark: Have You Seen The Traffic In Los Angeles Lately? General
June 26 Spark: Is the End of EV Range Anxiety in Sight? General
June 21 Spark: Reinventing Fire in China General
June 13 Spark: Just How Green Is the Internet? General
June 6 Spark: How Real Estate Financial Instruments Can Revolutionize Clean Energy Finance General
May 30 Spark: Is A High Renewables Future Really Possible? General
May 23 Spark: The Calm Before The Solar Storm General
April 18 Spark: Germany's Renewables Revolution General
April 11 Spark: Bringing Solar Light to the Energy Poor General
April 4 Spark: Smart Parking - A Launch Pad for Intelligent Transportation General
March 28 Spark: Asia's Accelerating Energy Revolution General
March 21 A Free Spirit in the Free Market General
March 14 Spark: Breaking New England's Natural Gas Addiction General
March 14 Spark: Pain at the Pump? EVs’ Significantly Lower Energy Costs per Mile General
March 7 Spark: Crowdfunding Lowers the Cost of Solar Energy General
February 21 Spark: Range Anxiety? Forget About It! General
February 14 Spark: Who's the BoS? Learning From Germany’s Uber-Low Solar Balance of Systems Costs General
February 7 Spark: Obama's Second Term: Could Climate Be His Legacy? General
January 31 Spark: Will Driverless Cars Decrease Fossil Fuel Consumption? General
January 25 Spark: Next Gen Biofuels Come of Age General
January 17 Spark: Microgrids: Providing Safe Harbor in a Storm General
January 10 Spark: New Year's Resolutions for Transforming Electricity General
December 20 Spark: Reinventing Transportation: Making the Shift to Ultralight, Electric Vehicles Transportation
December 13 Spark: Reinventing Electricity: A Renewable and Resilient System Electricity
December 6 Spark: Reinventing Industry: Breakthrough Solutions for Radical Efficiency General
November 29 Spark: Reinventing Buildings: Making Our Buildings Efficient, Profitable, and Healthy General
November 15 Spark: Reinventing Fire: A Vision for a Bright Energy Future General
November 8 Spark: After Election, Six Critical Levers to Transform Energy General
November 1 Spark: Smart Grids—Making the Grid More Resilient Through Telecomunications General
October 18 Spark: Discovering "Green Gold" Through a Deep Retrofit General
October 11 Spark: Cutting Red Tape To Make Solar Cheaper General
September 27 Spark: Lightweighting: Achieving a “B-HAG” (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) with EVs General
September 20 Spark: RMI & AT&T: Working Together General
September 13 Spark: Hot Air About Cheap Natural Gas General
August 30 Spark: Efficiency: Making Affordable Housing Truly Affordable General
August 23 Spark: What Role Should Natural Gas Play in Our Energy Future? General
August 16 Spark: Indiana Jones and the Great Portfolio Challenge General
August 2 Spark: Greening the Olympic Games General
July 26 Spark: eLab: Changing our Energy Future Starts With Electricity General
July 17 Spark: Cities at the Center of Technology and Innovation General
July 11 Spark: Keeping Your Ice Cream Cold With Less Energy General
June 28 Spark: eLab: Pursing a Better Way to Create and Deliver Electricity General
June 21 Spark: Adding Momentum to an 80 percent renewable vision General
June 14 Spark: Helping Reduce Emissions in Our Own Backyard General
June 6 Spark: Empire State Building Beats Year One Energy Targets General
May 31 Spark: Which Cities Have Captured 30% of the Global EV Market? General
May 3 Spark: RMI Turns 30 - Mapping Our Universe of Impact General
May 2 Creating the World We Want...Together General
April 25 Spark: Don't Miss RMI's Live Chat Tomorrow General
April 18 Spark: Firing Up a Cleaner Electric Grid General
April 12 Spark: Stop Pursuing Low Gas Prices, Start Pursuing Solutions General
April 4 Spark: RMI Supports Electric Vehicles. Do You? General
March 29 Spark: Calling All Building Portfolio Owners General
March 21 Spark: Reinventing Fire with Convergence and Innovation General
March 21 Spark: Reinventing Fire with Convergence and Innovation General
March 14 Spark: Is Your City Ready for Electric Vehicles? General
March 8 Spark: Efficiency The Key? Just Ask Tom Friedman General
February 29 Spark: A Farewell to Fossil Fuels General
February 22 Spark: Is Natural Gas Boom a Threat to Renewables? General
February 15 Spark: The Future of Efficiency: What's at Stake? General
January 30 Spark: Efficiency--Revitalizing U.S. Industry General
January 18 Spark: Why So Many EV Critics? General
January 13 Your Investment in Making the World a Better Place General
December 30 Take Action: Together We Can Help Create a World Thriving, Verdant and Secure General
December 13 5 Key Solutions to Transform the Built Environment General
November 29 Calling All Curious Minds! Join us for a Discussion About Reinventing Fire General
November 17 Invest in a New Future with RMI General
October 11 @AmoryLovins is now on Twitter General
October 2 What is Your Commitment to Drive the New Energy Era? General
August 27 A Brand New RMI Outlet! General
July 15 Cars 2: Disney Brings Electric Cars & Biofuels to Our Kids General
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