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Jul 8, 2011

In Case You Missed It


Today's report from the Labor Department is discouraging, however this announcement was contrasted by a wealth of success stories on businesses that are cutting energy costs to improve their bottom lines, reaching their emissions reductions goals, and spurring economic growth. Could the transition to a clean energy economy be the job-booster the U.S. needs? Take a look at this week's news roundup and tell us what you think.  

Weekly News Roundup

Where the jobs are: Energy savers
CNN Money, July 8, 2011
The prospects for finding a job in most areas of the economy may be bleak, but one sector stands out in contrast: energy efficiency.

Manufacturing Energy Efficiency a DOE Target
Reuters, July 8, 2011
The DOE is helping to develop transformational manufacturing technologies and innovative materials that could give industrial facilities the power to dramatically increase their efficiency.

Safety Agency Takes Step to Make Hybrids and E.V.'s Noisier
New York Times Wheels, July 8, 2011
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced Thursday that it proposed regulations to protect pedestrians and people with visual impairments from accidents involving hybrids and electric vehicles.

American Cars -- and Drivers -- Getting Steadily Greener
ClimateBiz, July 7, 2011
Both increasingly efficient autos and consumer driving habits are leading the U.S. in the right direction in an effort to cut fuel consumption.

E.P.A. Issues Tougher Rules for Power Plants
The New York Times, July 7, 2011
The new EPA transport rule is designed to clean up the pollution that blows from power plants into other states.

Johnson Controls Gets Smarter on Smart Buildings
Forbes, July 6, 2011
Empire State Building retrofit partner Johnson Controls recently strengthened its position in the smart buildings space.

Key to green trucks will be operational savings over time
Fleet Owner, July 6, 2011
Two new studies conclude that adoption rates for alternative-fueled vehicles (AFVs) will significantly climb among consumers and commercial users alike if specific “compensation” targets are achieved.

Auto Industry Job Loss Claims at Odds with Experts and Common Sense
NRDC Switchboard, July 6, 2011
Will setting strict fuel economy standards add, or cost the U.S. auto industry jobs? Experts and automakers seem to be at odds.

EPA Regulations Supported by Cost-Benefit Analysis
Sustainable Business, July 5, 2011
The benefits of EPA regulations far outweigh the costs, according to a new report.

How SC Johnson Cut Its Emissions by 27% in 5 Years
GreenBiz, July 5, 2011
S.C. Johnson has not only met, but exceeded its most recent GHG reduction goal by more than three times.

Airlines Positioned For Big Gains in Efficiency
NPR, July 4, 2011
Airlines' urgency to reduce fuel use is being driven by two trends: soaring oil prices and tougher environmental regulations.

Greener business buildings could save $40bn in energy
Greenbang, July 1, 2011
The U.S. DOE's Better Buildings Challenge took on its first 14 partner, in an effort to drive energy efficient retrofits. Learn more about RMI's work on commercial builliding retrofits at the RetroFit Depot

Easy ride ending for California hybrid drivers
Reuters, June 30, 2011
Ending the program for first-generation hybrids was necessary to make room for the next wave, supporters say.





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