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Jul 1, 2011

In Case You Missed It


You know summer is here when you start seeing headlines like "10 ways to cut your home cooling costs!"

Weekly News Roundup

White House Pushes for Higher Fuel Efficiency
NPR, July 1, 2011
The heavyweight in current negotiations could turn out to be California, which plans to set its own standard if the federal government doesn't go high enough.

Who's Buying Renewables? Some Familiar Names, and Some Surprises
GreenBiz, July 1, 2011
A new report from Vestas and Bloomberg New Energy Finance reveals leaders in buying renewable energy.

How to be energy efficient and save money as the heat rises
Las Vegas Review Journal, July 1, 2011
More than half of a home's energy costs comes from heating and cooling the home.

What you should know about PG&E's smart grid plan
Gigaom, June 30, 2011
A new report from PG&E offers a glimpse of a first-mover utility looking to modernize its power grid with IT, learn from some of its past mistakes, and enable the greater integration of clean power.

Aiming for MPGs: FedEx doubling EV fleet; testing composite van
Fleet Owner, June 30, 2011
Continuing its ongoing efforts to increase the overall fuel efficiency of its fleet operations, FedEx Express is adding 24 new electric vehicles (EV)to its fleet and is testing five composite vans.

Electric cars key for state growth
Detroit Free Press, June 30, 2011
Michigan has a gerat future in electric car and battery production, with an estimated 20% of lithium-ion batteries coming from the state in the future, a panel of experts said Wednesday at a Detroit Economic Club luncheon.

Google Foundation Says Clean Energy Innovation Could Have Huge Payoff
Treehugger, June 28, 2011
Google.org's new clean energy innovation website tracks where effort is being put into clean energy innovation.

Google's Green Energy Wish List
New York Times Green, June 28, 2011
A new study imagines the benefits that would be reaped if major advances in battery development for electric cars and other clean technologies were achieved.

How to Save $500 Worth of Energy This Summer
TIME, June 28, 2011
Simple, energy-saving tips for the home.

Green Program Promotes Retrofit
Constructech, June 28, 2011
Launched at the annual Building Owners and Management Association conference, the new LEED Volume Program is designed for those looking to streamline the certification process for buildings across a large portfolio.

Writing the Future of the Smart Grid
Intelligent Utility, June 28, 2011
What will the industry look like, and what issues will come to the fore by 2020?

Is This Our Future?
The New York Times, June 25, 2011
Ask early adopters: the Volt gives people a taste of the electric car experience without sacrificing any of the things we expect from a gas-powered car.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it (and you can't finance it)
Clean Techies, June 25, 2011
Traditionally, a lack of standardization in energy benchmarking, management, measurement and verification has been a barrier to energy efficiency.

Six Reasons Why the Auto Industry Cost Claims for 62 MPG are Wrong
NRDC Switchboard, June 24, 2011
The Center for Automotive Research claim high costs for meeting a 62 mpg standard by 2025. But, close analysis reveals six key reasons why these numbers are inflated.




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