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May 27, 2011

In Case You Missed It


Unfortunately for all of us holiday weekend travelers, there has been little relief to the high gas prices. As many rethink their three-day road trip, the media has been covering a flurry of transportation announcements, and giving us some hope that a solution to our reliance on oil for personal mobility is gaining momentum.     

Weekly News Roundup

Why Solar is Looking Better for Commercial Buildings
GreenBiz, May 26, 2011
PV installations are becoming a brighter investment prospect for commercial buildings.

Small Cars Score Well in Crash Tests
Fox News, May 26, 2011
All the talk likening small cars to sardine cans can finally be retired. More on lightweighting and safety here.

Report: Better Fuel Efficiency, Emissions Could Lead to New Jobs
The Sacramento Business Journal, May 25, 2011
A new study finds that cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles will lead to thousands of new jobs, consumer savings and economic growth in California.

An Inside Look at How CEOs View Sustainability
GreenBiz, May 24, 2011
CEOs believe environmental, social and governance issues are becoming increasingly material to business performance.

New Mileage Stickers Include Greenhouse Gas Data
New York Times, May 25, 2011
New window stickers will include estimated annual fuel costs and the vehicle’s overall environmental impact.

U.S. Smart Grid to Cost Billions, Save Trillions
Reuters, May 24, 2011
A planned modernization of the U.S. national power grid will cost a lot, but the paybacks are significant.

Map: The Electric-Car-Charging Hot Spots of America
Fast Company, May 24, 2011
A map of all the country's charging stations shows the easiest places to own an EV, and the places where no one seems to care.

Energy Benchmarking Picks Up Steam in the U.S.
Greentech Media, May 24, 2011
You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

US Buys First Electric Cars, Charging Stations
The Associated Press, May 24, 2011
The Obama administration is buying more than 100 Chevy Volts and other cars as it moves to improve efficiency of the government's massive fleet of cars and trucks.

Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards Would Help 'The Economy as a Whole'
The Hill, May 24, 2011
If we all had vehicles that met a 60 MPG fuel standard, Americans would save an estimated $67 billion and reduce our gasoline consumption by 17 billion gallons this summer alone.

Sustainable Business Practices Should Hit 'Tipping Point' in 2013
Sustainable Business, May 24, 2011
According to two new reports, sustainable business practices are getting close to becoming standard practice at multinationals.

Low-Income Apartments to Have High Efficiency
CNET News, May 23, 2011
A block-long apartment building in Boston is saving energy, and money with a deep energy retrofit.



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